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Guest Post: A Little Cookie Story about Some Cookies.

Dinosaur Cookies

If you’re in the mood for a little sweet story and some cookies, check out my latest guest post on the Quirk Books website.


black bean and mushroom tortilla casserole

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Black Bean and Mushroom Tortilla Casserole
light. fresh. cheap. black bean and mushroom tortilla casserole.

black beans, two cans, $1.98
mushrooms, one carton, $3.50
tortillas, $2.50 for 30 (used 9), $.75
salsa, one jar, $2.49
mexican cheese, half a bag, $1.00
cilantro, 99 cents for a bunch

four huge servings– $2.68 a piece

Black Bean and Mushroom Tortilla Casserole
four layers


Chalkboard Tins

Welcome to my portfolio where I plan to showcase my favorite pictures I’ve taken, random projects I’m working on such as redecorating my apartment or little written songs, and a few paragraphs of writing here or there.  I also want to write longer pieces of what is going on in my life and Philadelphia, Colorado, places I visit in general.